Photography is the growing passion of most of the youth now. The main reason behind this passion is that cameras are now in access of everyone in the form of mobile phones. These mobile phones have now the cameras which are so much sophisticated that people of previous century could never even imagine that. Other than that there are now DSLR cameras which have very good quality of taking pictures. Anyone can be a good Abu Dhabi food photographer if he knows how to capture the picture of food in the best angle. If you want to become a food photographer, you have to see this to find more info about this field:

Camera: First thing is that you should have a good camera phone but better is to have a professional DSLR camera. Of you are doing the photography for your hobby then you can start it with a mobile camera otherwise it is better to invest in your profession to buy a DSLR. If you do not have a big amount to invest then start with a less expensive camera and make your pictures good by editing and when you start earning then always make sure to set aside an amount to purchase a better quality camera.

Editing: To become a professional photographer you have to know the basic rules of editing. You can transform your pictures from a normal looking photo to an exceptional picture. You have to know about the lighting concept. You should know about the exact height and ratios to become a picture more attractive.

Angle: This is the basic thing for a food picture. You have to set the angle where the food looks more exotic and mouthwatering. You have to portray the food in such a way that people will want to eat that. To take the best shot you have to first take several shots from different angles and then select the best out of it. There is no hard and fast rule for the angle. You just need to set it according to the food. You can set a side angle or a flat lay. It totally depends on your choice and the type of food. If you are taking a flat lay then you have to make sure that the light fall accurately.