Whenever you visit market in order to buy a certain product you have a criteria set in your mind which accommodates your current needs. This is the same case with POS systems. When you visit POS machine suppliers Dubai you get to choose from a variety of software that are available in the market to accommodate every type of business and their needs. These models may vary from the size of your company to your preference and so on. But you have to understand that there are mainly three classifications of POS software.

Mobile POS System

If you have just started your business as an entrepreneur and are testing things out, figuring how they settle for you then you have to make sure that you have the right device and equipments for a better experience. Mobile POS system will manage your inventory and payments for which it will not require any kind of hefty system and can simply be accessed on you mobile devices. This is a great way if you wish to expand your business soon. Though it is true that an expanding business cannot manage with Mobile POS software because of its limited functions that’s why they will need an upgrade but Revel Systems Dubai will work for the time being.

Terminal POS System

If you are looking for something which is secure and is only accessible within premises than you should aim for a terminal POS system. They are well equipped with advance functions and have a lot to offer than any other simple POS system. This system consists of hardware and software both which means that it will be ideal for businesses that can afford an expensive system.

Cloud Hosted POS

Here is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for such options which combine the functions of terminal POS and flexibility of mobile POS in a single software which is accessible through internet cloud based system from any device of your choice at any time. This has all the features that one would need in order to run their POS software which can be customized. This is a good option for each and every business as it does not require hefty sum of money to buy or a load of devices it’s just an easy and simple solution.