It is the quality or feature of Asians that love to wear their traditional clothes the most. They cannot attain that comfort level in western dresses. This quality is more prominent in Indians and Pakistanis who prefer to wear saris and kameez shalwar in every walk of life. That’s the reason why there are sold in all countries of the world nowadays! Take an example of Dubai and America. Both of them have Pakistani and Indian stores which sell the items and spices of the countries mentioned above. They have specific Pakistani and Indian communities where people of respective countries live and celebrate their events as they live in their native countries or home towns. Such communities have different shops and centers that sell products of their countries. That’s the reason why traditional clothes lover checked out such places to look for specific kurta for women. Nishat Linen and Suryavansi are two of the traditional clothes shops whose branches are located in UAE. These shops have saris, varieties of kameez and shalwar and jalabiya. Besides this, you can buy different cuisines like dhosa, biryani, khowsay, idli and much more. Yet, the taste would not be up-to level, but it would not be too bad to refuse to eat.

However, it does not mean that you need to go to country-specific communities. There are so many malls in Dubai like

  1. Dubai mall
  2. Amani Dubai
  3. Dubizzle and many others.

These shops also have variety and sizes too like Khaadi and mirraw. All you need to do before buying is

  1. Check material or fabric
  2. Check whether stones will come out after few washes or not, and
  3. Check price.

Play safe. Don’t be fooled by sellers.

Khaadi has best Kurtis and Mirraw  has eye-gluing Indian Kurtis and trousers. Although,  they are not expensive but their clothes and dresses can be used for more than a year.

So, these are basic guidelines and few shops for all those readers who are thinking that where to buy jalabiya in Dubai.

New cities always give tension. But if you are new in Dubai and thinking about clothes and food, then trust me don’t take tension. Pick up your phone, open Chrome and search what you want because Dubai has everything. After all it is multi-cultural city where you will find and meet people if each and every country.