If your in the mood to tour, the UAE and experience it’s wonders, but don’t have the budget to enjoy a satisfactory long stay in a highly expensive city like Dubai or just plain bored with Dubai, then see this post. Here we will talk about Fujairah, Dubai’s alternative tourist attraction in UAE. And the cheap hotels in Fujairah (cheaper than Dubai anyways) you can find in Fujairah that start at a staggering low price of 36 $.

Fujairah is a beach clad city in the UAE, opposite to Dubai. It’s only a 40 minute drive from Dubai, resembles the city in many ways, has just as many beaches (if not more) and best of all offers a competitively cheaper range of rates to tourists that either are tired of Dubai or just plain low on budget. Here the hotel rates are much cheaper than the hotels you would find in Dubai. But the cheaper rates doesn’t mean a cheaper experience.

Fujairah has less of a population problem than Dubai, because it’s not as mainstream. However it still has plenty of hotels that have much better prices that match the luxury and lifestyle of many Dubai based hotels.  You can have a room in the Fairmont Fujairah Beach hotel for as low as $115 or Royal Beach resort for 87$ or the Intercontinental Hotels Fujairah Resort for 131$ or Mirage Hotel Al Aqah for as low 36$. And most of these have beach side rooms. That’s right you can enjoy the same beachside experience you would have to pay 10x more in Dubai. And without the irritation of a huge rush, or traffic. It’s overall a much cleaner experience.

Aside from the hotels there are many great tourist spots that are rich with history and beauty that you won’t find even in a prestigious City like Dubai. The Snoopy Island, Al Badiyah Mosque, Fujairah castle, the legendary Fujairah Fort, Bithnah Fort,Al Aqah Beach and Sandy Beach beach are just a few examples to name. Many more await. But don’t take my word for it, see Fujairah for yourself.

Be sure to try Tim Hortons, the Bikers cafe or even Crepesn Burgers. But if you want to go for the best go for Shakespeare and Co in Cetury Mall Fujairah.