Being a nurse is a tough job to do, where it is something that soothes your soul it can also make a negative impact to your mind. Good communication skills are always a basic thing to every field. But for nursing it is always necessary to have this aspect in your personality. A good nurse is someone who is good at listening and also great at delivering their words to the patients. Their job is to look on the patients reports and keep a record of their recovery.  Nurses are responsible for the patients; they need to keep check on their patient and make sure they are understood by the doctor and family members good nurse is able to advocate their patient and take care of their needs. 

Flexibility is the key:

For any career it is important to be on top and be flexible enough to go with the flow, you never know what kind of patients you might bump being flexible at any time is very important for the nurses. Other than the patients they should also be flexible towards there working time and all because just like doctors, nurses also never know when they are required to work on long periods, over night shifts or even working on Sundays is sometime a must to them. This might result in fluctuating schedules, no family or friends time to spend. But there is still sunshine in life which can warm your heart and soul. Medicine is a field that always has some sort of consequences. A good nurse pays good attention to very little detail she might endure in the patient’s recovery or reports.  There is also a thing called live out nanny in which they have to live with the children to take good care of them. You can find great Dubai nurses and nannies without any difficulty.

A doorway for the doctors:

Starting from reading the patients reports and medical history and ending at the present condition, a nurse needs to be extra vigilant and delicately handle all. There is nothing in this filed that can be left on chance in the field of nursing. Here a simple little mistake can cause a tragedy there should be as many safety measures taken as possible. Nurses have always been a link between the doctor and the patient, they are the well-wishers of the patient and also the angels. Where the doctor retrieves the information regarding their latest recoveries or changes, they’ve seen throughout. A great nurse is some one that has good interpersonal skills. They are also very cooperative to other nurses and doctors.