Deserts are always rich in wildlife and plants but rainforest are richer than them. I am sure you are amazed by this fact. But if you want proof for it, then read below!

  1. Sand Cat:
    It is the only species of cat that lives in desert. They can live in both sandy and stony deserts but they prefer to live on flat lands where some vegetation around is because of having furred feet that assist them to tolerate extreme temperatures. They are characterized by broad and long tail.
  2. Courser:
    They are native to Southeast Asia, Canary islands and North Africa. They are characterized by their long sandy coloured wings and wings. They birds hunt for insects with the help of their down-curved bill. They have underwings which are black in colour.
  3. Grant’s Gazelle:
    They are adapted to deserts and plain areas; therefore, they avoid grassy areas in order to protect themselves from predators. They have long horns and sandy-coloured body and legs while their under belly is white in colour. They are very common in East Africa. They have threat from habitat destruction and poaching.
  4. Desert Lark:
    Desert lark or desert finch are small birds which grow up-to 6.7 inch. These birds have big head, long bill but short body. Greyer dark lark live in stony deserts while sandy larks can be found in sandy deserts. They breed and reside in deserts and semi-deserts of India and Morocco.
  5. Sand grouse:
    They short headed and little heavy-bodied animals. They have pigeon like neck and eyes. They have long and pointed wings and 11 primary feathers that let to fly fast. They also have feathers on their abdomen which help in retaining water. The retained water is given to their chicks.
  6. Addax antelopes:
    You will find them in Sahara desert moving on plain areas while having morning desert safari (if you love to visit them). They are characterized by their twisted horns and colour changing mechanism. In summers, they are sandy blonde but the same antelopes are greyish brown in colour in winter. Their lifespand is short. They can live for 19 years only.
  7. Kangaroo rats:
    They are the most common desert rats. These rats have long and four-toed hind legs, and short front legs but their heads are large. They have similarities with kangaroos. Like them, they hop and they have pouches where they store food. They are nocturnal. They remain in burrows during day.

So, these are some of the animals that lives in deserts which you will be shown by your tourist during desert safari UAE.